We're really excited that you want to be part of the referral program and spread the word about Armoney with all your family and friends. The following article will help you understand all the details of the program. We have tried to be as transparent as possible & kept the program simple so you can focus on earning more rewards instead of worrying about any terms and conditions!

What is the Armoney Referral Program?

The Armoney Referral Program is a great opportunity for you to earn a 50% commission of every trade your friends make on Armoney. It is our way of rewarding you for your efforts in helping bring more users to Armoney and being a part of the crypto revolution in India! It is probably the most rewarding crypto referral program currently in India.

How does it work -

  • Share your link - Share your referral link with your friends via email, social media or any other way
  • Sign up - Your friends use your link to sign up on Armoney and make their first trade on Armoney.
  • Get Rewarded - You earn a 50% commission on every friend's trading fees! Even while you're asleep!

In what crypto will I earn my commission?

Depending on which market your friend traded in, you will receive the commissions in USDC, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, or INR.

How much can I earn in this trade commission program?

As much as you want. The earnings are truly unlimited! You get 50% of the commission fees we charge each trade of your friends. The more your referred friend's trade, the more you earn. So, help your friend make more trades every day and you will earn more commissions every day!

(We do reserve the right to adjust or change the referral program rules in the future.)

How can I refer a friend to Armoney using my referral code?

Once you signup, you can access your unique referral/invite link by going to the Referral screen. You can share your referral/invite link with your friends by simply copying it and sharing it everywhere or using one of the sharing options like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook & WhatsApp.


When your friend clicks on this link and signups for an Armoney account, you will be eligible to earn a trading commission, on your friend’s trades.

When will the commission be credited to my account?

All commissions earned in a day are credited to your account once every 24 hours. Usually early in the morning.

How can I track my commissions and friends I've referred to?

When you head over to the referrals screen, you can see the following -

  • Total friends referred - This is the total number of friends who clicked on your referral link and signup up successfully on Armoney.
  • Total Commissions Earned - This is the total commission you earn from all the trades of all your friends. The value is expressed in INR by calculating the latest INR value of your crypto referrals earned.
  • Commission History - This is a list of commissions you have recently earned.
  • Referred Friends - This is a list of friends who have used your referral link and signed up successfully.

For security reasons, we will not be sharing personally identifiable details about which friends used your referral link.

Do you have any tips that will help me earn more rewards?

  • Share your invite link with as many friends as you can. The more friends you share it with, the more likely they are to sign up. Use social media, chat, and emails to share your invite link
  • Get your friends excited about crypto and why they need to sign up on an exchange like Armoney
  • Let your friends know about the benefits of signing up with your invite link instead of signing up directly
  • Encourage your friends to use their own referral links after they sign up. This will build their trust in you
  • Push your friends to trade more on Armoney so you can earn more with every trade!

I referred to a friend, but s/he has not yet qualified for the reward.

There are some reasons why even though you think you may have successfully referred a friend, that referral did not count -

  • Your friend clicked on your referral link but signed up through the app. The referral program does not currently support sign-ups through Android or iOS apps.
  • Your friend did not click on your referral link and instead signed up directly on Armoney
  • Your friend clicked on another referral link and signed up with that link
  • Your friend's KYC is still under verification or has been unapproved
  • Your friend has not completed their first successful transaction on Armoney. For a transaction to be successful, the Buy or Sell has to be completed within 30 days of signing up.
  • You or your friend did not meet the rules below

Important rules to keep in mind

Please keep in mind the below rules when you participate in the Armoney Referral Program. These simple but important rules help us keep the program fair for the entire community.

  • Do not misrepresent rewards when sharing the referral link with your friends
  • We constantly look out for fake or duplicate accounts. If we find something amiss, we will disqualify those accounts from being part of the referral program and withdraw any rewards that may have been credited earlier

Note: While we run this program in good faith, Armoney reserves the right to make any changes to the referral program without prior notice. We may make such changes in view of changing market conditions, security, or risk of fraud or any other reason. The decision on reward eligibility will be made by Armoney and will be final and binding. By participating in the referral program, you acknowledge the above.

If you find someone misusing the referral program, you can let us know by contacting us directly. We'll look into it and take the necessary steps to fix it.

Do follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ARMoney03402441) and join the Armoney Telegram channel (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFFqPx5kBF8nqmFZAQ) for the latest updates & announcements about Armoney.