Signing up for an Armoney account is a super simple process.

The first thing you should do is head over to the Sign-Up page. You can do this by clicking on the Sign-Up button at the top right of your screen.

Next, you'll be taken through a quick 4 step process so you can create a login and submit your details for verification.

Step 1 - Email ID & Password

The first step in the sign-up process is to choose a login email address and set a password.

  • Email - Enter your complete email address. This is the email address you will use to login and also receive any communication from us. You cannot change your login email address later.

  • Password - Enter a strong password that you will remember. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long and a maximum of 64 characters. We recommend using passwords longer than 10 characters. Do not use passwords that you've already used on another website. Try and mix special characters like @#$%^&-* along with capitals and numeric in your password.

Step 2 - Email Verification

Once you've entered your email, password and clicked on sign up, you will receive a verification email at your email address.

  • Click on the Verify Email button in the email. You will be taken back to the Armoney website where your verification will be confirmed! Note that the verification email is only valid for 15 minutes. If you do not verify in 15 minutes, login to your Armoney account again and click on the Resend verification email button.

Why have I not received the verification email?

In some cases, it can take up to 10 minutes for the verification email to arrive. Please be patient. If the email has still not arrived, please check your spam/junk/promotions folder. If you find the email in your spam/junk/promotions folder, mark them as not spam/junk.

Resend Email - You can also ask Armoney to resend the email by clicking on the 
Resend verification email button.

Step 3 - Mobile Verification

After verifying your email, the next step is to verify your mobile number.

  • Mobile number - Enter your 10 digit Indian mobile number. Do not include country code or '0' at the start. This will also be the number at which you will receive an OTP when logging into your Armoney account.

  • Verification OTP - You will receive an OTP via an SMS. Enter the OTP in the verification box and click verify.

Why have I not received the OTP SMS?

In some cases, it can take up to 10 minutes for the verification SMS to arrive. Please be patient. Also, recheck that you've entered the right mobile number.

Resend OTP - You can also ask Armoney to resend the verification OTP by clicking on the 
Resend Verification Code button.

Step 4 - KYC details

This step gives you an option of completing your KYC or you can also skip it by clicking on Skip for Now button. If you skip this step, you’ll only be able to deposit cryptos into your account & trade them. You can complete your KYC later by clicking on Verify KYC option under Account Settings menu.


However, if you choose to complete your KYC now, you’ll be able to deposit or withdraw your cryptos, trade & use P2P! You can complete your KYC by selecting your country from the dropdown & click on Complete KYC. You'll then be taken to the next step to enter your details and upload KYC documents for verification.

  • Name - Enter your name as it appears on your KYC document. For example, If the name is Anil Kumar on your document, please enter Anil Kumar in the form too.

  • Date of Birth - Enter your DOB in DD/MM/YYYY format. For example, if your DOB is 21st January 1980, enter 21/01/1980. You must be 18 Years and above to apply for a Armoney account.

  • Address - Enter your full address as it appears on your KYC document. Do not enter the City, State & PIN Code in this box as there are separate boxes for that

  • Documents - Depending on the country you’ve chosen; you’ll need to upload a set of KYC documents. Carefully fill in the details in the respective fields & upload a scanned copy or a photo of your KYC document & your selfie as illustrated in the Sign-Up form.

Before you click submit, please cross-check all your details to make sure you've not made any typing errors. This will speed up your verification process.

What happens after I submit my verification details?

Once you click on submit, your details and docs move into the verification process. When the verification has been completed, you will receive an email from us approving your account! The verification process could take anywhere between 24-48 hours depending on the volume of signups. But we try to be as fast as possible.

If for some reason your account is not approved, the email will mention the possible reason and ask you to make the required changes so we can reverify :)

Why has my KYC verification not been approved?

We maintain a high standard in our verification process to ensure that the Armoney platform is used by verified investors and traders. There could be 1 or more of the following common reasons that your KYC verification is not approved -

  • Details mismatch - Your details like Name & Address, ID Card number do not match the KYC documents you've submitted. Always cross-check all details before submitting them.
  • Duplicate account - You've already submitted identical details for another Armoney account. No person can have more than 1 Armoney account.

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